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RPI Price Increases April 2019


What is RPI? 

The Retail Price Index (RPI) is a measure of whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down based on average price changes across several industries. A new index is published every month. There’s lots more information on the Office for National Statistics website.

Why am I being impacted?

So that Onecom can maintain and improve the level of service we provide it is essential we adjust our pricing in line with any RPI inflation. It is standard practise across the telecommunications industry and our pricing will remain highly competitive.

What services will be impacted?

All line rentals and fixed costs.  Pence per minutes rates remain unchanged.

How was I notified?

We wrote to our customers last year notifying them of a change in our terms and conditions. Any new customer that has joined since will have been referred to these updated terms and conditions in writing and or as part of the call. Most recently we added a note to your bill, reminding you.