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Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT hero Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Solutions for Business

Onecom offers seamless, secure, global connectivity, managed in real-time by one platform giving you full control of operations and cost.

Grow your business through IoT
IoT Unparalleled Connectivity

Unparalleled connectivity

Network your sensors to share data for a variety of business purposes.

IoT Improves Production

Improved productivity

Empower your business with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

IoT Reduced Cost

Reduced costs

Integrate connected devices with your core business processes.

What is the Internet of Things?

An IoT system comprises of all the devices that are connected to the internet. In a business, this can include all the devices that ‘talk’ to each other including sensors, mobiles, emails, video, automated systems, instant messaging and so much more.

Internet of things

Ultimate connectivity

IoT is already making its mark in our lives today, from industrial machines powered by AI, to traffic management for safer roads. IoT allows businesses to solve problems that really matter.

Onecom on ConnectivityRead the whitepaper
IoT - Internet of things

SLS worked with Onecom to devise a technically innovative and commercially attractive connectivity solution.

IoT for your industry

IoT can work for any industry for businesses of any size. Whatever your industry, see how IoT can work for you.

IoT is the technology that drives truly connected, omnichannel experiences. It’s the technology that connects a customer’s mobile to a store window, a sales assistant’s tablet to an e-commerce site, an RFID clothing label to a smart changing room.

IoT is transforming the transport industry by profoundly altering how transportation systems gather & use data and information, examples of how IoT is changing the transport sector include, dynamic road side messages, video surveillance solutions and autonomous vehicles. These areas sit alongside more traditional IoT areas in Transport such as vehicle telematics and driver performance solutions.

The next generation of successful supply chain management—known as logistics 4.0—will leverage edge computing and IoT to yield real-time automated, sense-and-respond feedback mechanisms. It will also place cybersecurity and the safe handling of data at a premium to ensure safety and compliance. Every step in the production and transit process presents challenges that can make or break a supply chain & IoT is helping answer these challenges.

IoT has multitudes of applications in manufacturing plants. It can facilitate the production flow in a manufacturing plant, as IoT devices automatically monitor development cycles, and manage warehouses as well as inventories. It is one of the reasons investment in IoT devices has skyrocketed over the past few decades.

Construction often experiences problems with project timescales, budgets and is sometimes behind the curve when it comes to change. IoT allows companies to tackle this problem head on helping track assets as the move, ensuring that they never get lost or stolen. Sensors can enable machinery to detect and communicate maintenance requirements, send automated alerts for preventive maintenance, compile usage and maintenance data, and increase efficiency by remotely monitoring fuel consumption.

Working with Onecom

A dedicated account manager will provide a fully consultative approach to help find the right solution for your business at a highly competitive cost.

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