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5G for Business

Work Without Limits

5G doesn’t belong to the future anymore. The future is here. Make sure your business is connected with the latest and greatest connectivity available on the market.

How 5G benefits businesses across the UK

The benefits of using 5G include unbeatable speed, more than 60% latency reduction, incomparable connection capacity and reliability.

With the introduction of 5G unlimited tariffs from Vodafone, it gives businesses more freedom on a day-to-day basis. Remote workers, commuters and streamers now have the ability to access super-fast and portable data, even on the go. Take your business to the next level with real-time speed connectivity.



  • 5G is up to ten times faster than 4G, making it possible for every area of your business to move more efficiently.
  • Collaborate, interact and share information faster than ever, to increase productivity.
  • Making and receiving calls and using data without interrupting 4G download speeds.

Why Onecom and 5G?

Onecom works in partnership with Vodafone, Samsung and other providers to provide 5G coverage to our customers. Telecommunications can help businesses grow, in terms of productivity, communication, cost-cutting and much more. We believe we have the position to help each one of our customers achieve their requirements when it comes to their connectivity.

Not only that, but we’ll get you set up too. Providing not just 5G mobile devices, but also provide you with a Vodafone 5G GigaCube for your business, connecting all your employees from one space to 5G.

For more information about getting your business connected to the 5G next-generation mobile network, contact our dedicated 5G team today.


Samsung is currently a leading phone hardware provider with the widest 5G offering on the market. From S series to A series, all phones are the newest releases that fit budgets of all sizes facilitating rollout of the 5G technology across the whole business.

Galaxy S21 Series

The next decade of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones with Onecom

Galaxy S21 Series

Is 5G available in your area?

However, not every city’s infrastructure is prepared for 5G connectivity, just yet. You need to be in a city that is 5G ready – but there is more to come!


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